Flipper disc to single disc

I am following the directions to convert a flipper disc to single line by line and when i think im finished i only have 1 side. Can someone please tell me step by step how to do it.

It would help quite a lot if you would mention which program you are using for this process.

Sorry DVD Fab 6 platnium

We have a dedicated DVDFab forum, so I’m going to move your thread there. You should get more informed answers from the members who frequent that forum.

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With DVDFab you should be using Merge mode. The first step is to copy the 2nd side of the disc to a folder on your hard drive using Main Movie or Customize mode. If you use Customize, select the Remove menus option on the next page. When that is done, flip the disc so that DVDFab is reading side 1 and select Merge mode. Make sure part one of the movie has a checkmark in the Title box. Click Next. You should see part one on the Merge list. Now click on the Source folder icon and select the VIDEO_TS folder you made of side two. Merge will switch back to the first screen for you to select the Title (there should be only one) and audio/subpicture streams as before. Click Next. Select DVD-5 or DVD-9 output size, change the Volume name if you want to. Click Start. That’s it!

That sounds like what I am doing. I will try tonight and let you know. thanks

Both titles should show on the Merge list (just before you click Start).

The first part i put to my hard drive. The second part i put to the disc and only get part 1. I have also tried to put to hard drive and view first and still only part 1.

You can do either half of the movie to the HDD folder (or do both to 2 folders), it makes no difference, BUT, [I]if you are reading half of the movie from the original disc [B]you must not eject it from the optical drive after you have added it to the Merge list or it will be deleted[/B][/I]. Both halves of the movie must show up on the merge Title list in the correct order (which you can change using the buttons on that page).

I will try to find one of my flipper disc originals and try it to verify that there is not a bug.

ok i wrote everything down how i did it,
load side B on Main Movie, changed to customized w no menus, target: HDD folder C:\Terry\Documents, Start, Finished 7:34, Load side A, Merge, A= Icon, click source go to Terry\Docs\customize\movie\Video_TS, Jumps back everything same, click next, Has A with Icon and B with folder. Do I change target drive or leave the same? (did both ways and Still only get 1 side) Changed Target drive to Terry\docs\customized, start, finish, 7:57, also tried source: side b to target: t\d\cust, then side A to target t\d\c\merge, still only 1 side, I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong, Please help, I think I am possibly having trouble with the target drive.

Just realized something this a series of tv shows, 3 on side a and 2 on side b, when I finish I get the 1st show on each side only in the merge.

I just did a 2 disc movie to one and it worked ok. It has to be that there are multiple episodes on the flipper disc I am trying to do.

You must not be putting checkmarks in all the Title selection boxes. You have to do that 1) when you make the rip to the HDD folder and 2) when you combine the folders (or folder+disc) in Merge. This will allow you to have all the episodes if you are doing a TV series disc. If you are doing a flipper disc of a movie, the only Titles you want would typically be the main feature. Remember that Merge mode output (which you can write to HDD folder or direct to disc) will not have any menus. I usually write them to a folder to test the playback before burning.

You are so RIGHT. I was not checking all the episodes. I will try now.
Thanks you are great. Have a wonderful weekend.