Flight simulator 2002

is it possible to copy/backup flight simulator 2002 pro… I back up everything because software costs too much to wreck, but this is so far the only thing i have not been able to backup. If someone could please help me. And you can e-mail me at andermic@tds.net

what cdrw drive do you have?

i have an ACER atapi 10x4x32, what else do you need to know…?

do you know if your drive supports safedisc 2 burning?
I have successfully copied this game its easy if your drive supports the above and you have clone cd!

how do i find out if my drive does support safedisk2?

I believe your writer is an Acer CRW 1032A which as listed on the Clone CD website, Writes Regular Bit Pattens Almost Correctly.
So you will have to use AWS in Clone CD.

Keep this rule in mind:

For one and no “sheep” burnerd keep AWS enabled


ive tried everything that everyone has said, and i get the same error everytime i try to install it off the burned disk. The error is that of the file D://FS2002.CAB.

i was thinking, do i need to use a 74 minute disk for this, because the game is only like, 68 minutes long and maybe it checks that, i dont know though because i dont know that much, obviously.

the other error that i get is that it cant write to
C:\program files\microsoft games\fs2002\msxml3.dll
it says another prob may be using it or my hard disk space is full, which isnt true… so, im clueless on what to do.

Try loading the Image file into a Virtual Drive using daemon tools.
If it wont install from the Virtual Drive you will have to make a new image of the game and try again.
Daemon Tools can be found Here


when i use daemon tools is when i get the msxml3.dll file in use error.

Are you sure MS FlightSim2002 Pro uses safedisc2? I know the standard version uses safedisc1, which quite frankly any burner even without correct EFM can copy

I have the original cd so I would know :stuck_out_tongue:

hi , i have just bought flight simulator 2002 and im having the same problem as you. can you please tell me what the hell im doing wrong. i would be extreamly thankfull