Flight sim developer threatens Reddit with legal actions over DRM talks

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/flight-sim-developer-threatens-reddit-with-legal-actions-over-drm-talks-84408/

A developer of flight simulators has reaped the rage of users by installing fake system files on locations totally unrelated to the game. Users discussed the issue on Reddit and now the company is threatening with legal action if the online conversations aren’t removed.

IDK if anyone cares, but the latter location only exists on x64 versions of Windows, so x32 users don’t have to worry about that location. C:\Windows\system32 is still a problem, though.

It’s not “libel and defamation” if it’s true.

Which, of course, is the end goal. Good on you for resisting these censorship attempts, Reddit.

BTW, installing crap anywhere in C:\Windows seems like an amateurish move, except in the case of system services and device drivers. I doubt the game requires either of those things, so the devs must either be malicious, stupid, or both. (I count DRM counts as “both”.)