Flight Sim Copy?

Hello, i’m new to computers, but i think i know a litle bit. i’m wanting to copy my Microsoft flight simulater 2004. disk number 4. (FOR BACK_UP REASONS ONLY.) One of my children was playing on the computer, and was looking for her game disk, and by accident, broke many of my game CDs. this made me think. so i’m wanting to make copys of my CDs, incase this happens again.
Using CloneCD, i tryed to make i copy. well, IT WORKED. looking at the disk in “MY Computer” the disk looks identical. but when i go to try, and see if the game will play, it says “Cannot locate the CD-ROM. Please eject and re-insert the Cd-ROM, select ok and restart application” i put it in time and time again and nothing happens.
My question is,
Why won’t the copyed disk work,?
What can i do to try and make it work?
I thank you inadvance for your POSTS!!! THANK YOU

OK, a little more info.
I used an a-ray scanner, and found that the disk in protected with Safedisk 2/3
What can i do to by-pass this?
NOTE: I reMIND YOU, i’m doing this for backup reasons ONLY. and i do have DVD dycrypter.

If you use alcohol 120% i believe you are able to remove safedisk 2/3. Otherwise you may have to emulate the game. This means if you use a program like 5stargamecopy, you can create an image, and then mount it to a virtual drive.

More info please.

Which precise verion of safedisc is used?

What burner/s and other cd/dvd rom/s, if any, do you have?

Protection is SafeDisc v2 (Safedisc 2.90.040 to be precise).
It can easely be copied with Alcohol 120% (using the SafeDisc 2/3 mode)

I use a PlexWriter Premium