Flight Plan error

i’m having a problem burning flight plan also, but i get the error message, not enough memory, and not enough storage. Thats no way the computer i have has 2gig on mem. ans 71 gig of gree space on the hard drive, and suggestions?

for the flight plan dvd just update your anydvd version to the lates and it wild work.

I got the same error, so I used Nero Recode, that worked fine.

I copied that the other day. I used AnyDVD then CloneDVD and it copied without any problems

I am having the same problem with flight plan after i use anyDVD then dvd shrink it gets to 55% backup and then the error message comes up saying out of memory not enough storage avaiable to process command. any suggestions??

This problem has been fixed in AnyDVD It is a beta version. If you want to try it, you should look in this thread for instructions: