Flight of the Living Dead-No movie on Clone

Someone gave me their DVD of Flight of the Living Dead today. I know, I heard it was bad, but they knew I liked the genre.

I went to back it up like I do everything. To my surprise the movie itself did not show up in the CloneDVD menu. The movie itself will play in my dvd player, but I can not get Clonedvd to even see the movie. All I get is a failed to read error from shrink. Ripping the dvd to HD does no good either.

Any suggestions?


I don’t have this movie but I suspect it’s the same type of protection ([U]ProtectDVD[/U]) as [U]Blade - House of Chthon[/U] and [U]Full Of It[/U]. The UDF file system is intentionally corrupted. At present [U]AnyDVD[/U] is unable to handle this movie or the other two I mentioned. You’ll have to wait for an update.

That said, I hope you are making the backup for your friend. Otherwise this discussion isn’t wise.

They gave me the DVD as a gift. They don’t do zombie flicks, but they knew I liked them, so they gave it to me.

I used DVDFab HD Decrypter and it worked fine. I guess anydvd can’t read it at this time.

Wish I had more friends like that. :slight_smile:

That’s good to know and you got what you needed in the end.

Unfortunately, that is correct. :frowning:

LowTech the beta works with this title

its exactly like blade HOC so use the same fab (or higher) that ripped blade

why start off a post with
"" I got a dvd from…""
why not a simple "“DVD ABC or XYZ is causing this problem…”"
Invariably the ownership question comes up

I know it’s so stupid, I can’t believe people can’t figure that out.

Also keeps this site free from accusations