Flickering Lines in D3D


I have been trying to fix these lines that flicker down my monitor when playing games in Direct3D. They appear when I ‘walk around’ in FPS games like Unreal2k3, Devastation, etc. I figured I needed to upgrade my video card anyways and bought a Radeon 9700 Pro, unfortunately instead of fixing my problem it was even worse. Both D3D and OpenGL had the flickering lines. Heres what I’ve tried to remedy the problem:

Updated/Different detonator versions
Changing monitors
Changing Refresh Rates
Changing Resolutions
Reinstalling Windows (Format)
None of these has fixed the problem. Is there a setting somewhere that I have overlooked?

Thanks very much for any input,


It SOUNDS like refresh rates at least. Try using Refresh Force

Didn’t help, thanks though :(.


mls going by your signature you’ve a geforce 2 ultra i’d say that is the problem. I have a geforce 2 ultra too and I also get some wierd stuff happening when I play newer games they’re just a bit too powerful for the gf2. Just get the latest drivers and turn the detail down in the games

I thought the same until I played CS in D3D mode and got the same thing. No way CS is too new for a GF2 Ultra. I got the same problems on a Radeon 9700 pro but both in D3D mode AND in OpenGL which was even worse so I returned it.


Sometimes it’s better to use older drivers for older graphics cards, especially with NVidia cards. If you don’t have any issues with other drivers, I think the 25-35 range is the best series for the GF2 series.

My GF2MX (second desktop) performs better with the 31.82 than with the 41.09 and up…

I’ll try downgrading to a 25-30 series and report back, thanks. Before I go hunting are there any web sites that archive old detonators?


What resolution are you running your games at? Does this happen only when you frag? Or does it happen when you watch videos too. Also, what monitor?

Originally posted by MLS
[B]I’ll try downgrading to a 25-30 series and report back, thanks. Before I go hunting are there any web sites that archive old detonators?

/MLS [/B]

The manufacturer of your vid card should have all the versions of drivers available for download. I use 40.41 but i think version 21.81 is the better of them, The only reason I use 40.41 is because when i install new games it usually pops up when i start it saying my drivers are old and to get new ones.

So if you go to your cards manufacturer site they should have archived files for download.

Originally posted by Stoner
What resolution are you running your games at? Does this happen only when you frag? Or does it happen when you watch videos too. Also, what monitor?

Its a Samsung SyncMaster 753DF, I run games at either 1024x768 or 1152x864 depending on the game.


You can get almost every driver for both nVidia and ATI you can name here.


I have problems with my GeForce2 too with CS on my other comp, but only when in D3D mode, there would be artifacts and corrupted textures. I usually just play on OpenGL mode… runs smoother anyway. Its using 43.45 drivers right now. I see no flaws with them so far. I had 30 something before and they were good too, but recently I updated to DX9, and so I updated the detonator’s to a dx9 capable one(also, 43,45 is official, though not WHQL certified), even though GF2 really doens’t take advantage of it. Ah what the hell. THis ain’t my gaming rig anyway, so doens’t matter.

I’ll try a different approach.

I have had it numerous times that the screen would start to flicker whenever some game tries to reconfigure the screen resolution , Open Gl, Direct X , Vesa , it all made no difference.

What was the solution ? Somewhere in the taskbar there was this little program that kept track of the S.M.A.R.T. parameters of my harddisk and also liked to refresh the desktop every 10 seconds. Naturally i uninstalled this freaking program right away.

So it might be that some service/program/obscure .dll/virus/whatever kind of software is running a desktop refresh every x seconds. If you happen to have some monitoring software , msn , trillian , irc , or tools that just like to pop up when they want to , you might think of uninstalling or disabling them and try your favourite games again.

I have no such programs installed except for ircN (http://ircn.org). Its a just formatted computer. My friend recently got a computer as well with the following specs and he has the same problem:

P4 2.4GHz
ATi Radeon 9700 Pro
Antec 350w PSU
2x256MB Samsung PC2100

I’m trying to narrow down the problem to a single piece of hardware. Problem is when its on the monitor its usually the video card, and since it doesn’t do it in OGL mode, I would be thinking drivers, but both the ATi and nVidia cards do the same thing on both our computers and do it no matter which driver is installed. So my next inclination is motherboard, but the only similarity between our boards is that they are both Intel chipsets. We have different RAM, and I hardly think it is a problem with the CPU. So I’m really at a loss. Also I think I should mention that I DON’T get this problem in UT2K3, I thought I did but I do not. I find this strange as I’m sure this is a D3D only application. So either it isn’t as pronounced as it is in CS’ D3D mode and Devastation that I don’t notice it even though I’m looking very hard for it, or something about UT2k3 stops me from having the problem. The even stranger thing is I think they are both based on the same engine!

/A very confused and angry MLS

I see you overclcok your cpu a lott…not bad…grin

try to turn it off for a while…and look if you have still problems

or disable/enable fast writes in your bios

Heheh, thanks but its not the OC. My friend’s comp is not OC’d and he has the same problems. I will try it without the OC right now though, I highly doubt that is the problem.


edit Didn’t help :(. And I’m pretty sure this card doesn’t support fast writes. I think I had to use some nvtweak tool or something to try and enable it and it told me not to so I didn’t mess with it.

fast write can be enables/disabled in the drivers AND bios of your mobo.

Perhaps it is en-abled in your bios. But i don’t think that is the problem…when your friend has the same problems

Did you try the omega drivers?/ they are mod-ed drivers and solve some problems.

If it’s a bare system and the drivers are pretty correct i can only think of one other software issue : Bad directx.

There is a directx 9.0A (mind the A) available on the web, perhaps you could try the 26 meg developer install to come to some error logging).

If that’s not it , i have no clue… almost looks like the monitor doesn’t get enough power from the vga card or something…

what usually works for me is to completely dissasemble it and slowly build it together again, when you have lots of free time and are ready and calm to get the job done (no offence , but you seemed a little nervous about it and one always work more efficiently when calm)

talking about enough power

is your psu strong enough to feed the 9700pro??
(the 9700 pro needs an extra powersupply connector to operate)

perhaps disconnect some other hardware and try to look if the problem is still there

I had an interesting though not really favorable result trying the omega drivers. Basically when the omegas were installed I had the problem in OGL as well as D3D. Does anyone know what Omega tweaked in OGL that would make them different than the regular detonators? Another interesting development, I turned on coolbits for my detonators, and used the Vsync always on function in the advanced menu, opened CS, and the lines were still there, but it was different. (Side note: its amazing how much a video of it happening would help right now, I wish I had a digital camera right now :frowning: ).

Heres a summed up table of what happens:

(These tests are all done in Counter-Strike 1.5)

D3D Mode (Detonator 43.45 but also applies to all other dets I tried)
Vsync set to “Application Preference”
FPS in game “100” (Max in CS)
Refresh Override in DXDiag set to Default
Actual Monitor Refresh Rate: 60hz
Result: 3 bars of tearing that appear in the same exact place as I strafe back and forth in front of the first door in training mode, dissapearing as I stand still.

D3D Mode (Same dets as above)
Vsync set to “Always On”
FPS in game “100”
Refresh Override in DXDiag set to Default
Actual Monitor Refresh Rate: 60hz (Vsync doesn’t seem to work, my fps should be 60 no?)
Result: Same as above.

D3D Mode (43.45)
Vsync Set to “Application Preference”
FPS Max in game set to 60
Refresh Override in DXDiag set to Default
Actual Monitor Refresh Rate: 60hz
Result: Only one bar of tearing this time but it slowly scrolls down as I strafe back and forth, dissapearing when I stand still, and reappearing as I start to move again in the same place it ‘left off’ at.

I then repeated the 3 tests above, with 75Hz as the refresh rate, and got the exact same results.

Finally the one that will work:
OpenGL Mode (43.45)
Vsync Set to (Any of them work)
FPS Max in game set to 100
Refresh Override in DXDiag set to Default
Actual Monitor Refresh Rate: 60hz
Result: Perfect Picture, no distortion or flickering whatsoever.

Seems that the discrepency that exists in D3D mode between Vsyncd Refresh Rate and actual displayed FPS cannot be corrected by using the FPS_MAX function in Counter-Strike. However Vsync does seem to work properly in OpenGL and that is where I have no problems. So I assume this is definitely Refresh Rate related.

Obviously people will say “well use OpenGL mode if it works for you.” I agree, and I do. However newer games do not offer this mode and D3D mode is the only one that offers pixel shading and other features of the sort, and I’d like to be able to play games newer than CS :).

@Belvedere: I will look for and install the newest DX9.0A, but this problem persisted through my 8.1>9.0 upgrade so I don’t expect this to work, but I will try it.

PSU is a 350W Enermax, plenty for my computer according to many people on the Anandtech forum.

Thanks again for all input, it is very much appreciated.


the omega drivers guys tweak some settings…but also take parts from older drivers.
They keep track from which drivers which problems occure…and then put the good parts to gether

Visit their site (or rage3d…i think) for their changelog

hmm…350watt should be enough for a psu

better not to upgrade to directx9…but get rid of the compleet version 8 first.

Also install the latest ati drivers (3.2) en directx 9 together if you gonna test your 9700pro