I have been very pleased with DvdFab Platinum, I have the latest versions of that and Region free. I have been very pleased with Anydvd, I have version 6114, however I cannot seem to rip the movie Flicka using Anydvd with CloneDvd2. I have not been able to rip it with Anydvd with 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO nor with DvdFab Platinum. I am up to date on all the software. I am using a Plextor PX-760A with Verbatim media, but no matter how I do it, I am not getting good results. I get bad playback if I am even able to burn a copy. Any suggestions?

Jim I just backed that up yesterday using Fab and Verb’s and had no problem at all. Perhaps if you would send the log so the guys could look at it they can help you for sure, good luck :slight_smile:

When you try and do a back up of it do you have AnyDVD running in the back ground :confused: if so that could be the reason you can’t back it up using DVDFab Platinum.
When you do a back up using DVDFab Platinum it is a good idea to turn OFF ANYDVD when doing a back up, Try it and let us know if it works out for you.


Ditto for me Jim. I too have backed up that movie using and Needed a second back-up for my kids, enough said there, and not a single issue. I can’t see how it could be the program. Can you tell us what happens and when. Just saying you can’t do it isn’t enough to go on ok. Thanks. ~ Mike

Dang Tim you’re good I didn’t think to ask that :frowning: oh well time for coffee or else bedtime

You don’t by any chance have the program DVD 43 do ya? Because like Stormjumper has said, it too will mess with DVDFab. You must make sure it too is off as well.

Thanks all! DvdFab 3072 and Verbatim did the trick. I am leaving 3075 off till the next update

Congrats Jim, because Flicka is such a good movie. My daughter watches it everyday. :bigsmile: Hope the luck continues. ~ Mike