Flexible lightweight eco-friendly DVDs unveiled

Ever since the launch of the DVD format, the physical disc itself has not changed much apart from the recording layer. For example, a disc made today uses pretty much the same amount of material as the first DVDs that entered the market. As a result, while manufacturers have worked on improving the write speed and in some cases, making discs scratch and UV resistant, it is not until now that a manufacturer has developed the first eco-friendly discs.

ProAction Media announced its Flex Lite Disc that uses 50% less plastic than regular DVDs, which also reduces its manufacturing carbon footprint by over 70%. Due to the way these discs are manufactured, no bonders are necessary, which makes the discs 100% recyclable. The discs cost about the same to manufacture as manufacturing traditional DVD media.

The thinner discs also have several advantages over traditional DVDs: They are lightweight and flexible, allowing them to be shipped with far less risk of them getting damaged, even without protective packaging. Their lighter weight also reduces postage costs, particularly when sending multiple discs.

It is unclear at this time what the compatibility is like, for example, slot loading players that are picky about the disc thickness could have problems gripping on to the thinner discs. It is also unclear if the discs are any more vulnerable to scratches. On the other hand, these discs would be handier for those that regularly carry a large case of DVDs on the move, as these DVDs would weigh significantly less.