Flaw detected in windows Media player

I just posted the article Flaw detected in windows Media player.

A slight problem with streaming ASF over the internet which could either crash your system or possibly have someone take control of your OS.

"The flaw can successfully be exploited only by the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2843-Flaw-detected-in-windows-Media-player.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2843-Flaw-detected-in-windows-Media-player.html)

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omg !! sspade100 grow up you fool or get a job i guess you bored so you talk nonsense, ms know they are not God and they got all own database of discovered bugs that is for everyone to access and you being so out of fashion with that boring ms bashing and being a smartass is just make you look stupid. i bet 99% of ppl that whing about ms are bloody pc newbies that would never know hot to use their pc if not ms system. go do something new like linux bashing maybe plus there is lots more to whing about linux then win2k/xp.

Hey SnookerBot, this is a problem common with all cdr and hardware sites these days, they will post everything they see to fill in some news. Too sad this race for news lowered the quality.

still its ok to post news but stupid and untrue comment that “they are beginning to admit…” is just showing to us that sspade100 doesn’t know much about computers. they publishing all known bugs on own site for years.

Who cares! As long as I don’t use it… :slight_smile:

Nice to see You guys can be the “bigger person” about this :d Really it’s as simple as this: if You don’t like the Site/News, then don’t read it! No one’s twisting Your arm! O and one last thing: It might be an idea to actually learn English before dissing ppl!

Dear Mr. Snokerbot Me speaker better english and spel beter then you.

typical reaction from someone that has nothing worthwhile to say. sspade100 just becasue my english isn’t perfect doesn’t make me wrong but you on other side don’t have rights to talk rubish just because your english is better then others, get a real job. as for you wondog i never said i don’t like site but what you going to do just sit back and watch when someone is talking BS as sspade100 does ? and i wont hold back only because my english isn’t that good, who cares ? i bet everyone could understand what i posted without any problems. and i only moved to english speaking country couple of years ago and if you work out sspade100’s IQ based on his comments he would after couple of years only know bit of ABC if that was him, so bite me :4 and as i said my bad english doesn’t make me wrong and for sure nobody can be right only because they can spell better then others. how about reply that is related to topic mr sspade100 ? nothing to say about it ? i’m sure you have nothing so you start picking on my english.

Totaly agree with you Snookerbot. :frowning: People should, if they post news, be as objective as possible. Don’t post it if you haven’t got the facts or if you’re havening trouble being objective.

other thing is wondog that we have option to “React on this newsposting” so we do and i didn’t see in posting guidelines that we have to have same optionion as ppl that posting news a specialy when they add some idiotic comments as sspade100 did.

I think that ALL people have their rights to say what they want. Snookerbot,hijglnader,sspade,moreno,Black-Wolf and the CDFreaks newsteam have their rights.


yup zyron is right everyone got rights to say what they want and if they talk BS like sspade100 did others will point that out, simple.

That comment about bad English was foolish. Most cdr sites are not written in what we would call “perfect English”.

i just saw your post again wondog, man you so funny :4 “It might be an idea to actually learn English before dissing ppl!” lol next time make sure you learn english too before you point out that to others. dissing ? i’m sure that not english ppl ? that not english, is it ? also remember that in english there is no need to capitalize word “you” so your “You” closely followed by “Your” is wrong ! after all maybe it will be you that should learn english ? don’t be so foolish as someone else said before.

Dear Mr. Snookerbot Let me introduce you to the real world of computers. First i ADMIT i am not as WORLD VERSED as YOU are in COMPUTERS and its a pleasure to learn from someone who knows EVERYTHING. There are “newbies” who buy computers and peripherals who are learning and the only place they can learn about various subjects is to read articles which maybe boring to you, but not to them. For example, people buy computers with burners and still have no idea that they can actually upgrade the firmware of their burners or upgrade the bios of their computers. I find articles that i find of interest and if you think they are stupid so be it. Your option is to ignore and not make fun as i said above because not everybody knows as much as YOU DO. I was not born with a IEEE1394 cable as an ubmilical cord as you were. eg…I at one time knew my computer could go to 550mhz and after having read the spec’s about the chip i knew 600mhz would work. I installed the chip and it worked. No big deal, but then at one of the warez sites i came across, a note that indicated my motherboard would accept an 800mhz coppermine chip would work. I figured what the heck, i’ll give it a try and it worked although the manufacturer “Compaq” said no way. People learn every day as i did. Now back to your problem and the other option if you have a problem with a posting and please do it in the order i suggest or you may encounter problems such as different files sharing the same sectors. Disconnect from Cable Modem or DSL and then LOGOFF from computer before turning computer OFF. Do not turn off computer if you get upset.

you are idiot and you have no balls to say you were wrong simple. I NEVER DID SAY YOUR NEWS POST WAS BAD but your comment “At least they are beginning to admit that they ain’t God and do make mistakes.” you said that you posting news for ppl that don’t know much right so they can learn something ? well then don’t post twisted personal opinions that are not truth. then as for your options, i will voice myself in order i like because your suggested order is full of it. and again you just try to change subject so maybe some people wont see how silly you are.

My Dearest Mr. Snookerbot, Again i reiterate, not everbody knows about upgrading their firmware or software as you do. If i took your point of view then no one should indicate on this forum or news that cloneCD has a new version and one should go to that site, hell i know about that site. No one should post on this forum or news that there is a patch for nero if one is running windowsxp. Hell i know that. Stupid postings then. Now as for my opinions- first realize ms is arrogrant and it takes a lot of teeth pulling for them to admit they screwed up and by way which os system is predominant on most computers today. Their server(s) are hacked and finally they admit it. The recent law suit against ms makes them charitable by giving software away to needy organizations as part of the settlement. Would that godly organization have done that without a law suit? So let bygones be bygones and if you make a post and i think its ridiculous i keep my opinions to myself even though what you post would be better in the crapper.

OMG!!! you are not for real are you ? you got some mental problems sspadle100 ? i have not say anything about posting news or info but i mean NEWS or INFO so don’t put words in my mouth. i’m not pulling for anybody, all i’m doing is pushing BS like your comments. and again you said “…finally they admit it” ffs they do so for years and years so acting like they they never did till now is just plain DUMB and again as news poster you should not use your position to say such BS. i think you should keep it for yourself cus you look stupid when you post such idiotic ideas.

every system have security holes but what you said that microsoft only recently admits to this problems with their products is BIG FAT BS here you have link to knowlage database published by nobody else but ms itself and this is only winnt40 server now they have same info about nt3.51 server with info years years old this one is june 1998 and they have easy access for everyone to read and find solution what you can’t tell about many other systems so again word finaly that you used just shows you don’t have right information and i don’t get it how anyone would let you post news here but hey cdfreaks got security holes too and sometimes bugs like you get in to that holes but we all hope there will be bug fix for that and you get knocked out for your unprofesional and stupid comments that missinform public that as you said yourself isn’t always that good with computers and need GOOD info and not stupid and untrue comments from you. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/treeview/default.asp?url=/technet/security/bulletin/MS98-001.asp