Flat screen works?

flat screen montor turns on at first[3 seconds] then picture goes away.
can this be fixed or not? thank you, chris

Have you tried the monitor on another computer?
You have not said what operating system you are on, when booting up does the monitor display the starting bios set up?
Check all the connections to the monitor and also that the graphics card is seated correctly on the motherboard, if everything is ok then…
It is probably due to a fault on the Graphics card or the os is corrupted.

My guess is that you are trying to use an unsupported resolution. Look for a reset button or “AUTO” setting on your source so that it can auto detect what resolution is supported by the monitor.

If you are using Windows, boot in “SAFE” mode and change the graphics settings there.

Possible sleep mode issue.

Do you have the ability to try the monitor on a different PC or try a different monitor on the current PC?