FlaskMPEG 0.78.39

Have downloaded FlaskMPEG 0.78.39 but everytime I try to encode using any codecs (ie: DivX, Xvid) the program encodes 2 minutes of the file and then flicks back to the main program screen.

Seems to work okay with v0.6 preview.

I must have somthing set wrong somewhere. Can anyone help?


Tell a lie. I came back from work today to find that using v0.6 has resulted in the same problem just after a longer time period.

Fixed the problem but thought i’d post just to let anyone else as stupid as me how to solve it.

Simple, select a different iDCT in the configuration!!

hehe, thanks for that :slight_smile:

Wow, people still use Flask?!


Havn’t encoded for a while…since DivX 3 I think. So if there is a better program out there, let me know!

Flask always used to be pretty good.

Most people use DVD2AVI, Avisynth, and VirtualDubMod for DivX/XviD as far as I know. Avisynth is the best thing since sliced bread :). I don’t do much XviD so don’t quote me on that.


Which versions there are so many modded versions of the same programs.

What would the advantages be?

Have just had a quick play with Xmpeg. A very simple program by the looks of things. Works pretty much as Flask.

Heh, theres a lot of differences, try both out and see what you like better. Guides:

http://www.doom9.org/xvid.htm (just the vdub part is all you care about)


MLS, you should tack together some guides for this site :wink:

Hehe, I think I will, I worked on a loooooong guide for copying protected cds (before you guys wrote one out), and my friend decided to close my browser when I was 70% done :(. I’ll try and post something useful one of these days. :slight_smile: