Flashman firmware?

can any1 tell me where 2 get the hacked firmware for pioneer 107d ???

tried flashmans site and links i found here & google but they r down ! :frowning: … cant xcess them … plz plz plz help

just bought ma pioneer … wanna make it kikass

Wait a little bit and the sites will be back up.

roger :wink:
your word is enough 4 me ! :smiley:

thnx for quick reply dude , appreciated

weeeee site bak up !! (as u said :wink: )
got it patched burnt ma 1st 8x dvd-r … worx sweeeeet !!
thnx for ur help guys :wink: … much appreciated

BTW, should the site ever be down again, you can get some of those firmwares here as well: http://www.dvd-recordable.org/