Flashing with an empty DvD in drive



I crossflashed my backup drive dru810A to a benq 1640.

I forgot to take out the empty dvd during the flash.

After a successful flash and a reboot the drive is just fine.

A burn confirmed it.

I always thought that if I had a dvd in there that I would be screwed if I tried to flash the drive.


You aren’t supposed to leave a disc in the drive, though honestly I don’t think it will be any issue when flashing most drives. I don’t see how it would be likely to effect a drive during a firmware flash, though I suppose there’s the risk of the drive trying to read/spinup the disc while it’s being flashed, that may be the concern.


Well I just see all guides saying “make sure the drive is empty”

I thought it was a requirement rather than a suggestion.


It’s like the warnings to ‘turn off all other programs’, ‘all background programs’, ‘best flashed in DOS’, etc. All of those things are to be considered and following the guidelines will decrease the risk of encountering problems, but they aren’t absolute necessities. I’ve flashed countless times under Windows, in low end USB enclosures at times, with many programs running during the flash, and never had a problem. No it’s not the ideal conditions for flashing a drive. I would never intentionally leave a disc in the drive though when flashing, I can’t recall for sure if I’ve ever actually done it though.


my pacfic digital cd burner tells me to put an empty disk in before i start the flash.


It’s a precaution, the main concern is during the power recycle that takes place after a flash, could cause the laser lens to come into contact with the media surface and damage the lens or media.
Binflash for NEC drives, won’t allow a drive to be flashed if the disc is in the drive.


hey pancake which version of firmware did your Sony DRU-810 have before flashing??




Just reflashed my dw1640 from BSLB to BSRB and had forgot to remove disc from drive when did the reflash , no problems … found scans quality dropped to 94 from 97 with same media Sony 08D1 … Thought BLSB was supposed to be the best f/w … not in my case was using BSOB always before , will give BSRB a go for a while , haven’t tried it on my TY media yet thou but soon …


BSLB here and ONLY TYG02.

Always happy with my burns


i crossflashed my dru-810 to dw1640 but it didnt work at all. i mean although burn process was shown as successfull there was nothin on the disc. also as long as there was media in the drive the LED was alwayz on. i m craving for my dru-810 to b crossflashed to a benq dw1640. so pancake plz lsit the steps u follwed for crossflashing. May b it could b of some help to me and oders as well.


ronelloIt’s not difficult to crossflash. You have the correct tools and firmware to use. I flash all of my drives in safemode. Just make sure you have no disc in the drive when you crossflash it. Open up either BQFlasher or WinDWFLash, direct it to where ever you have the firmware stored on your hard drive then let it flash the drive. The flashing program will tell you when it’s done then reboot your pc. Remember that with WinDWFlash you’ll need to use the cvt firmware files. :wink:


I flash all of my drives in safemode

Great advice. So do I and I never had a bad flash.:iagree:


Same here (mainly just to reduce the amount of stuff running in the background, more than anything), and no bad flashes…yet. :slight_smile:


:bigsmile: As always, there are two sides to it…

I’ve most probably crossflashed more times then the posters here and I [I]never[/I] do it in safe mode (except for rare events, a few dozen or so, when in doze/PIO). :wink:
And I’ll continue to do so.
Of course I have a clean setup with a minimum of stuff running in background.

If your system can’t perform a “clean” DMA flash then you better look somewhere else.


Yes pinto2 you probably have :wink:

I always make sure the drive is empty and i’ve never flashed a windoze type flasher in Safe Mode. No bad flashes here. I do have a UPS to make sure i don’t loose power when flashing.

I too keep a clean machine.


Flashing in safe mode is a good idea. Having said that, I’ve probably done close to 100 flashes in ‘normal’ Windows, almost always with at least a few programs such as a web browser running in the background, and never had a problem. :stuck_out_tongue: And at least half of those I’d say I’ve done in a USB enclosure, some of which are not the best enclosures. And did I mention that I usually don’t reboot either? :smiley: With USB I just cycle the power on/off, with internal drives sometimes I’ve just cycled into/out of hibernate.

Life’s too short for reboots, safe mode, and DOS. (just kidding :smiley: ) The above obviously increases the risk, even if only slightly with a good running system and stable programs running in the background.


Yeah, I don’t think anyone here said they CAN’T flash under Windows, unless I missed it. :wink:

I too have flashed under Windows, in crappy USB enclosures etc…I just prefer to flash under safe mode (hey, if it makes me feel better…:bigsmile: ).

I think it’s just a case of what people feel most comfortable doing, and everyone will have their own methods/opinions there. :slight_smile:


Never tried that…does it work?


The big thing is to make sure you flash the correct drive with the correct firmware no matter what your method is :iagree:

Knock on wood i have not made a mistake yet :clap: