Flashing USB burner in DOS?

Can this be done? If so can someone please explain how. I have a dead Freecom Classic 8x DVD SL external drive and would like to try to bring it back to life. Thanks

i would say pull it out of the enclosure and do it internal. otherwise you will need to get the usb enclosure recognized in dos which while possible will take far longer than pulling the drive and sticking it internal

Thanks, i will try to get it to bits then. What i really need to know is what is the actual W i need, the drive says Freecom classic series on it. On the back it says DVD+R(W) 8x4x12x
DVD-R(W) 8x4x12x
CD-R(W)40x24x40 and serial number 4441105727 can anyone please identify which firmware i should use. Thanks

What is the current firmware version?

I have no idea i’m afraid. I flashed it with this firmware from the freecom site.
Freecom DVD±RW8J1-FW-USR2
When the drive is recognized as the below ID string, please use this firmware.

Freecom DVD±RW8J1-FW-USR2

Since then the drive is totally dead. It doesn’t open or show up in windows at all.

If the drive tray doesn’t open at all and is not recognized by any OS, chances are very high that your drive is dead now. However I would still try to attach the drive to IDE and try flashing from here.