Flashing the NEC 3500 in an external enclosure

I just got an NEC 3500 in an external enclosure connected through USB. Can I flash it as if it were an internal drive? I don’t want to break it before I get to use it. :wink:

what kind? maddog maybe?

i never tried it external. i took it out of the enclosure -->desktop–>back to enclosure again after upgrading fw

Only from Windows and only using a flash tool for Windows. You cannot flash an external drive from real DOS.

yes, with this http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/necflash_wingui.zip
you can flash any “bin” dos firmware.
This only works via USB like your set up. I use it on my nec3500AG in USB2.0/firewire prolific 3507 external enclosure . I must’ve flashed about 10+ times with different firmwares in last 3 days, and hasn’t failed me yet.

You should always get the latest flasher from the Binflash homepage and not from a different page, since bugs might be fixed that are not available from other sites.

Flashing with an USB enclosure seems to be some kind of luck. Several enclosures work fine, several don’t. A friend of mine with a Mac also has an external enclosure with a Prolific chipset (USB2 and 1394) and flashing here was impossible.

In doubt you should directly attach your drive to an IDE controller and remove any third party IDE drivers.

Hmmm Liggy, have you checked my page if there is an old version? I think not! It’s the newest version available… but I can remove it if you want!?

Initially, I was able to update frimware using OEM nec flasher through usb2.0 connection and didn’t have any problem flashing 2.16 to 2.17 to 2.18 NEC firmware when it became available. I know it wasn’t a recommended method for flashing, but since nec3500ag drive was detected by the flasher via usb2.0 I just treid flashing it and it worked.

So far, I’ve used binflasher 1.3 and 1.3a to update nec3500 firmware to modded firmwares and it worked so far. I do own a mac and a pc, this is the main reason for having nec3500 in a external enclosure and to be able to access DVD-RW drive on both platforms. I however, haven’t tried flashing on a mac, yet.

edited: Just tried binflasher 1.10 and it works via USB2.0. BTW, my fireware version for prolific 3507 chipset is one dated 090704. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Most of the time you’ll probably have the newest version, but there are probably also times, when you are too busy to update your page. So I can only recommend using the original site, when someone else asks for the flasher, but there’s no need to remove it from your page and the links to the original page are highly welcome.

At work I’ve already been able to upgrade a NEC2500 through USB too. But usually nothing will be damaged if flashing fails. You just might need to get a proper environment for flashing.

edited: Just tried binflasher 1.10 and it works via USB2.0. BTW, my fireware version for prolific 3507 chipset is one dated 090704. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Maybe. I’m sure it was the enclosure that prevented flashing the new firmware at my friend’s Mac. I’ve already read several success stories on flashing a firmware with a Mac.

I just recently got my NEC 3500 and it is in an external enclosure. I am not sure what brand, but I know it was a cheap one. i have had NO problems flashing so far. I have been using NECWinFlash to do my flashing and so far it has worked great.

So it looks like I can either try it through USB or use Binflash.

I know there are disclaimers for a reason, but should I be scared to try either? That is, if the burner is working with the media I bought, should I risk it or just keep the current version until there is a media that doesn’t work for me? I’m worried that I might use binflash and something goes wrong. What are the chances that it is rendered unusable?

Thanks for all the input to this newbie!

btw, it is a cheap enclosure, not a maddog. The link below will show you…

not bad… mine is the maddog which i got for 75 after rebate