Flashing Sony Optiarc AD-5280S firmware

I posted a request for general advice in another thread, but go no reply, so i thought i’d take a chance and go ahead anyway.

I used Binflash GUI 1.62, which recognised my drive as [Optiarc DVD RW AD-5280S 1.01]

I pressed ‘flash’ and chose the file 101bt_rpc1.bin (part of the 101.7z download) but i got the error message: ‘Firmware is for a different drive’.

So can someone please tell me what the problem is? My best guess is that it’s a Sony optiarc rather than a NEC, but i thought that was just a question of badging? Perhaps i’m doing something wrong?

Any advice appreciated.

In the detailed output you should see more information why it failed including some numbers. If you tell me the numbers, I should be able to tell why it didn’t work. Most likely there are multiple revisions of the drive that require different firmwares and the file you had didn’t contain a firmware for your drive.

Thanks a lot for the reply, i appreciate it. The details read:

Binflash - NEC GUI version - © by Liggy, Herrie and r-man

Identified drive: 182 - 3131
Detected drive from Firmware: 158 - 3037

Like I already guessed you’ve got a newer drive revision but I haven’t yet managed to provide the patches for this version - but I already have the firmwares. I should find the time to do this during my holiday which starts in 2 weeks from now.

Terrific - i’ll keep my eyes open for any revisions. Thank you. Incidentally, I just burnt a dual-layer dvd+r in imgburn and used the change booktype (NEC) option.

After burning, in read mode, the information includes the following:

Physical Format Information (Last Recorded):
Disc ID: RICOHJPN-D01-67
Book Type: DVD-ROM

So, if i understand correctly, imgburn has changed the bitsetting under the original unmodified firmware, which i didn’t think was possible.

And if i try to use the change booktype option for a single layer dvd+r, it fails “Reason: parameter value invalid”

So i’m a bit confused all round ??

Most NEC/Optiarc firmwares allow changing the booktype of DVD+R DL discs, but not on DVD+R or DVD+RW discs and this is one thing I change with my patches.

Hi Liggy. I saw you’d done some more updates and i flashed the updated 101bt_rpc1.bin sucessfully. However, changing the book type doesn’t seem to work. Imgburn tells me success! when i hit change. But after the burn it tells me that the book type is dvd+r.

Admittedly, it says dvd-rom under ‘last recorded’ but it also does for a dvd+r that i recorded BEFORE i updated from the standard sony firmware!?

I tried Nero InfoTool. It identifies a dvd+r i burned a while ago - changing the book type on using my old samsung burner - as dvd-rom. But it identifies the dvd+r that i have just burned changing the book type in Imgburn still as dvd+r.

So all in all i’m very confused, but it appears the book type change has not worked.

Booktype is set during the write process. It cannot be changed later.


I just checked the patched code for the newer 5280S firmware 1.01 and couldn’t find anything unusual. I even did a quick re-patch and the resulting file was 100% identical.

What does CD-Speed show in the disc info tab? What does Binflash show if you click on BookType?

Thanks for the replies.

Mciahel - i’m afraid i don’t understand your comment at all. I’m not looking to change the booktype after the write process.

Liggy - I’m not sure what you mean by ‘What does CD-Speed show in the disc info tab?’ In which application? I can’t find a disc info tab in binflash or imgburn. If you mean in the disc tab in nero infotool the CD speed isn’t shown.

To answer your other question, the book type tab in binflash shows the following Permanent Booktype Settings:

top left - dvd-rom (active)
top right - dvd+rw (active)
bottom left - dvd-rom (active)

which seems to indicate the drive should be changing the booktype - if i understand correctly (which i probably don’t!). But all the evidence i posted above seems to indicate that nothing is actually happening.

CD Speed (CD-DVD Speed / DiscSpeed) is an application. It comes with Nero, or is available as a standalone application.

Thanks Albert. I’ve tried a few dvds but i’m non the wiser.

On all the dvds i tried except one, disc info reported: disc type dvd+r; book type dvd-rom. This is how it should be, right? But strangely, i’m pretty sure they included disks i burned BEFORE updating the firmware.

Even if i’m mistaken, the ONLY disk that reported: disc type dvd+r; book type dvd+r was one of two that i burned AFTER updating the firmware. (The other one reported: disc type dvd+r; book type dvd-rom).

(Same verbatim dvd+r batch of discs.)

I hope this makes more sense to you guys than it does to me.

Right, mystery solved - down to my stupidity. Nero infotool tells me that the errant disk was burned in nero not imgburn, which seems to be working as it should.

A couple of final questions: is it possible to change the booktype in nero express using this hacked firmware? (I don’t seem to have the option that was there when i used the previous samsung burner). I prefer to use NE as it lets me know the aggregate size of the files as i load them up to burn, which is very useful.

And is there a global setting in imgburn, or do i have to go through the booktype resetting procedure each time?

Thanks again for the new firmware.

ImgBurn does it automatically for that drive.

[QUOTE=mciahel;2653840][B]Booktype is set during the write process[/B]. It cannot be changed later.

Sorry, just can’t leave this post without a comment. :flower:

I think we all better read up on DVD standards regarding booktype.
Example, what about DVD+RW? Yeah, I know [I]mciahel[/I], not all drives are able performing this, but anyway.

And not to mention DVD-R and DVD-RW where, [I]per se[/I], booktype can’t be set or changed during burning process [with all respect (to our now long time gone) member [I]zebra[/I]'s discussion, that this is possible on -R/RW media].

[QUOTE=LIGHTNING UK!;2653951]ImgBurn does it automatically for that drive.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, and i notice that imgburn also does show the aggregate file size as i build the dvd. Gradually getting to know the app better:)

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