Flashing S183L in plain DOS

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Don’t know why you start talking about bios and DOS flashing :rolleyes: , but out of this I’ve a question for you and others. :wink:

What flasher to use updating a S183L drives firmware in pure DOS?

It was just in reference to flashing anything using an online update service. I guess it’s a language thang :stuck_out_tongue: You must have not read all the posts.

I’m not aware of one but heck what do i know :bigsmile:

Does anybody else know?
I’ve seen some old sfdn dos flasher while googling.

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Yeah, the problem is more likely; not all posts are even worth to read… :bigsmile:

I have not had a problem with SFDNWIN 3.27.11 but if you find anything new and improved let me know please. I’ve flashed my S183L many many times testing for ala42.


This should be really discussed in a separate thread.

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Concerning your question:
Apart from SFDNDOS, MTKFLASH or XSF might work. But this is unconfirmed and not supported at all.
Also you need a SATA controller that behaves like a PATA controller as most DOS flashers want something like Primary Master or Secondary Slave in order to access the drive.


pinto2 has very good English typing but sometimes him/i have to explain ourselves sometimes :iagree: Plus he has caught me posting the wrong advise at times :doh: and visa versa :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion everyone :bigsmile: What do i know :stuck_out_tongue:

A DOS flasher for newer Samsung’s newly built would satisfy us both for a day or two :smiley: :bigsmile:


Okay :bigsmile:

A DOS flasher for newer Samsung’s newly built would satisfy us both for a day or two :smiley: :bigsmile:
I mentioned three possible candidates, now we need one or two volunteers for the sake of ODD science :bigsmile:

I tried to recover my dead flashed 163, but I failed because my SATA controllers don’t act like standard IDE controllers, so no drive could be found.