Flashing red light and stalled fan on panasonic HDRW-720

I have a couple problems on my past warranty panasonic hdrw-720. When I plug in the AC power cable, I get a rapidly flashing red light on the front display, and the fans vibrate in rhythm with the flashing lights as if they are trying to run but can’t. When I disconnect the blue power cable (not the ribbon cable) to the dvd drive this problem used to go away and the dvr would work perfectly. I believe that problem is either a bad blue power cable or a bad fuse. The fuse crackles and sparks when I plug in the AC power cable. The fuse is number 1302, is red, and is located just left of the fan behind the hard drive if you are looking at the back of the unit. However, recently the same fan behind the hard drive stopped spinning and now the unit when powered up remains idle and doesn’t bring up any menus, and the flashing light remains if I plug in the blue power cable. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix my dvr?

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No, and with those power/fuse signs I suggest you have it looked at by Philips or a professional repair shop. For goodness sake don’t leave it attached to live mains power! :eek: