Flashing problems (Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite)

[qanda]This thread is about the Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]ok iv read all over a million different forums and cant find any one with my exact same problem only similar problems so i have finally decided to post

let me start from the begining i took out my hitachi 59 and while trying to put it in mode b at 4am i crossed the 8 and 1 wires instead of 9 and 0 so that drive is bricked, it says “open tray” “opening” “close tray” on dashboard

however, i did get the key from it and save it in a notepad document

so without doin any research at all i bought a samsung ms28 (because 8 is a bigger number than 5) after reciving this drive i discovered i have to have via chipset, which i dont so i went out and bought the little PCI card thing (the vt6421 or whatever it is).

and i flashed this drive but i didnt spoof it as a 59 or inject the key into the samsung firmware so it also said “open tray” “opening” “close tray”

i then read a tut on how to spoof a samsung as a hitachi and in this tut it said to do the cross wire trick on the samsung as well as the hitachi (aparently this person was retarded…or maybe i was retarded for listening to him) so after discovering the real way of spoof and flashing a ms28 as a hitachi 59 i hooked everything back up and still got the “open tray” “opening” “close tray” thing

i now assume that doin the cross wire trick on a samsung drive has bricked it even tho iv been told samsung drive are virtually impossible to brick

so this time i buy a ms25 i spoof the samsung firmware as the hitachi 59 and inject the hitachi key i prepare the usb bootable thing and flash the ms25

but when i hook everything up and start up the xbox 360 guess what dashboard tells me

“open tray” “opening” “close tray”

there is no noise what so ever from any of the three drives, all three of these drive do the same thing they are completely dead

i hate to belive that these two sammys are bricked because it is supposedly virtually impossible…i dont want to buy a fourth drive someone please help me

is the xbox mobo fried?

have a flashed two many firmwares on one drive and “gummed it up”?

are the multiple firmwares that have been flashed on these drives not complatible with each other?

how to i wipe all the flahses iv done and start over with a clean slate?

no one knows what is wrong here?..no one else is having this problem?