Flashing problem for pdu

this is for pdu as i have posted a question elsewhere . Dont want to be jumped on for cross posting !


i downloaded tdb firmware of fyour sig. I have flashed with this and its o.k except for one thing. The drive still comes up as region 2 ? the speed hack is right as its ripping at 11.0x

so it seems the flash worked , just confused about regions. can you offer any insight ?

i am thinking perhaps i got hold of the hack that only modifies the speed and not rpc1 , although i did download the one that says it was for both.
fyi the file reads as : v106rpc1.bin created 26/01/2004 22.12 097 Mb.

Is this the right one ?

thanks for your help providing this in the first place.



Mr pdu , you around ?

anybody else care to take a stab at the problem…

anyone ?


Hi, sorry for the late reply :slight_smile:

Maybe I messed up the firmwares in my signature. I’ll look into this later.

In the meantime I suggest you download the region free/speed hacked version from TDB. You’ll find the link in my signature as well - or just click here http://www.firmware-flash.com/~tdb/firmware/2500R106.ZIP


Just checked my files in the signature (binary compare of the BIN files inside the archives). Apparently they ARE different, so I’m wondering why your drive still presented itself as RPC2 :eek:. I suggest you try an app like DVDInfoPro to see if it reports RPC1 or RPC2. Maybe it’s just Windows who incorrectly identifies the drive as RPC2 (I think this happened to me as well, can’t remember). I don’t use the regionfree firmware myself and I can’t test it properly since all my DVD’s are region code 2.

Please update this thread with your findings.

Hi mr pdu

thanks for your reply.

i will look into it. as you say it could be billy boy telling fibs .

i will download dvdinfopro and check its findings and give you a shout.

The fact i had a region 2 disc in the drive when i flashed it may have something to do with it. (hey it was my first flash …o.k) As well i have another strange problem that has only started since i did the flash. I think it may be something to do with the boot disk i made.

XP reports system has recovered from a serious problem everytime i boot up now…so something screwy going on. As i say i reckon this is the boot disk that has made xp unhappy…anything is possible.

I did warn the forum frantic posts would start not long after i got the drive…now i’m just waiting for it to start talking to me or even worse i start talking back to it.




As you said. Dvdinfopro reports a RPC1 drive !!. The speed test on this disc reports an average of 7.0x read speed.

last night after flashing i ripped a monty python film. It averaged 11.0x but i guess you cant really take the monty python guys seriously !!! so that speed test dont count i suppose…

So it looks as if all is well…thats a nast trick M$ pulls huh !

still not sure about the system recovered from serious problem though. Still i think i am going to reformat this drive and start again. Big job though…


and thanks