Flashing Prob. pls Help fixing the 3500A


Got a NEC-ND3500A.
Ran it long times with 2.18 but wasnt satisfied.
So, I decided to Flash the .TE today. I always flashed Firmwares
over Firewire (the Drive sits in an ext. USB/Firewire-Enclosure) and there
appeared no problems.
But today, the Flashing hung at “Erasing Memory Block 2” After 20 minutes, I turned of the drive and the Program and restarted the Notebook.
The drive is still recognized by the flashing-tools but not by the Windows-Filesystem(Arbeitsplatz).
Whenever I try to reflash the old (dumped) Firmware or older ones, it starts like normal but hangs somewhere in the middle.

Is there a chance to fix this problem or do I have to throw it away? :frowning:


try taking it out of the firewire enclosure and installing it internally on one of your ide channels. I would then try and flash from DOS.

Flashing in Windows (without enclosure) should work fine too

Wow, thanks Guys!
I only got Notebooks here :frowning:
Going to try at my neighbour’s.
Will tell about success.