Flashing plextor 230a to benq 5232x?



Anyone know how to do this.I ve read the plextor is a rebadged benq.
The firmwareflasher off benq is not working on the plextor.
Maybe with a flasher and a bin file from benq?
Any suggestions?

Kindly regards,



Okay , bq flasher is working .Only when ik click for the exe file (firmware) it doesnt find anything in the exe…?


Are you sure about that? Where did you find the info? I’ve never been able to find anywhere that the PX-230A is a rebadged BenQ… :confused:



Mmmm , maybe i am judging to fast.I ve read it here on the forum.
There was a picture from the plextor and a picture from the beng.
They did look the same…
Maybe i am wrong…