Flashing Pioneer A09XL to 1.40 - Easily

firmware & updater @


The official A09 1.40 firmware is out on the Pioneer Europe site:


yes, i know, my link includes the official 1.40. my mistake…should have titled it 109 to A09XL

so where did you get the kernel from???

extracted Kernel file from official Pioneer firmware release.

ok, I am looking for a newer kernel for the PIODATA 108, I want kernel version 118 but I cant seem to find it, thats why I asked.

You may expect too much from a “newer” kernel than it can give you.

another link for the same package. scroll, choose Free, wait for link to appear


many thanks, flased my 109 1.17 to a09 1.40!!

what the difference between the 109 and the A09?

a09 has no riplock. also u can download a quitedrive utility to use with the drive

I clicked on FREE, but do not see any file etc…

“Du hast die Datei Pioneer-DVR-A09XL-v1.40.rar (913610 Bytes) angefordert”

whatever that means, sorry.

You have to wait for your ticket, or if you go through an ISP proxy, it may already be busy

Ah yes, in German it says (I guess!): Please wait 30 seconds etc etc

The 30 then counts down and the file downloading begins…


Well I did what is said in the text file, but for some reason my crossing didn’t croos all the way :frowning: . I did all the steps , then press start, passed 1st then the tray opened and went to step 2 , then 3 and stopped there. So far, I think my drive is okay, but I don’t know what happened.


Has anyone tried burning a CD-R after this ?
cause mine wont do it now
get about 3/4-7/8 done a says recorder error in nero 6.6.06 & in cdrwin 3.9K
used to work before
burns dvd ok