Flashing Pioneer 109 to Buffalo while keeping 12X Rip speed



This has been covered before and some people have had problems getting it to work so I thought I would add my experience.

I have a Pioneer 109. I flashed with DVRupdate v09 to Pioneer’s firmware 1.55 for the A09XL using the two Pioneer files. I then used the QuietDriveUtility to increase the rip speed.

At that point my Pioneer 109 would rip DL discs at slightly faster than 12X.

I then used the same DVRupdate v09 to flash to the Buffalo 109.857 firmware to get the bitsetting that Buffalo firmware provides.

After the flash, the QuietDriveUtility was not able to recognize the drive, as expected. I then tested the rip speed with DVDDcrypter and it still maintains the 12X DL rip speed.

All the files needed for this are here:



Good news! I heard that the speed was decreased, so obviously you were able to keep the speed benefit of the A09XL FW. Nice post Chas!


Well, it appears as though I spoke too soon as now I have riplock back in place. Clearly there is something in some DL discs that does not activate the speed reduction and that is what caused the confusion. Looks like if you want real riplock removal then you have to forgo bitsetting or do a lot of flashing.

I kind of suspected something like this but I thought testing one or two DL discs was enough. Guess not. Curses, foiled again.


if i flash my 109 from pioneer 1.57f to the Buffalo 109.857 is it the same version firmware as the pioneers 1.57.

also is that the only diffrence in the firmware the bitsetting ???

who designed the Buffalo firmware is it by another company who use the same drive rebadged or is it justa couple of people doing this.

is it posabile to flash the drive back to the pionner firmware if you have the Buffalo firmware in the drive

i am not botherd about rip speeds as i have an aopen 1648 app pro ro rip at max 16x anyway

so would you say the Buffalo is worth it ???

how do you change the bitsetting anyway is this juts for + dvds ??? does it juts make the +dvds more comnpat with older dvd players or new ones

thanks all


You need def a bit reading around because of all those questions.

The Buffalo firmware has the only difference of being able to let you bitset DVD+R/RW media - nothing else.


Are you sure? At same firmware level Buffalo works better for me on different media…


The ONLY difference is bitsetting!
“better” performance is coincidental.

@Chas0039, were the DL discs you tested with CSS encrypted?
DL riplock only activates on CSS-encrypted DVD Video discs.
Data DL discs and non-CSS encrypted discs should not activate riplock.


Very possible, but it is too far back fo me to remember.
Thanks for the tip; I have settled on the Buffalo as I have other rippers and the bitsetting is needed. Seems like the best discs for Pioneer now are =R.


I’ve never tested with DVD=R media. :stuck_out_tongue:


=R is a great media Wes! LOL 2R-R=R


Hey guys, don’t give me grief for my crummy typing :wink:

It’s thae thoghut thst countsa rite/>

Anyway, if the above statement is correct, then am I right in assuming that no drive would activate riplock if I am using AnyDVD and DVDDcrypter at the same time? AnyDVD makes the files look unencrypted.