Flashing Olypmus S-DVD-100 to NEC 6500A



Well, I really need bitsetting for +R and riplock, so I’m determined to crossflash Liggy’s Bitsetting RPC1 2.24 firmware for this drive.

I bought the drive on ebay and it is in the bay of my Dell Inspiron 4150.

The trouble is that I’m not super savy with all of this so I could run into problems, but I’m willing to take the risk. I’ll post my progress here, if anyone is interested. I plan to start later today by using binflash (I downloaded the win32 GUI version and I’m running winxp, so I hope that’s right) to dump the existing firmware before I do anything else.

I know there are a lot of procedures for a slimline drive, and I’ll try to follow all of them.

If anyone has any suggestions or input, I’d love to hear it.



If the Olympus drive really is a rebadged 6500, you should easily be able to dump the firmware with the Binflash version you already have and flash it with a new firmware that starts with the same number like your current firmware.

If the firmware still isn’t listed on our NEC ND6500 page you could maybe upload it?


Thanks Liggy. From everything I have read, this drive is supposed to be the 6500. Is there any way to tell for sure?

Anyway, the firmware for the 6500 that starts with the same number is on your page, and that’s what I intend to use.

By the way, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of the work and effort that you and others do here on the boards. Is there any way to compensate you guys for all of this?


If it’s a NEC (compatible) drive, Binflash should support it. Otherwise Binflash won’t list it at all.

Anyway, the firmware for the 6500 that starts with the same number is on your page, and that’s what I intend to use.

What’s your current firmware version?

Is there any way to compensate you guys for all of this?

For me you can donate via Paypal if you really want to. But it’s my hobby, so I don’t do it for money and besides that the Google ads are a nice addition too.



Binflash found the drive, and I was able to dump the current firmware. It is version 2.79.

What are the procedures that I need to do to flash a slim drive in a laptop? I know that I have to have it set as slave. Is there anything else?

What’s your paypal address?


You don’t have to set anything to master or slave I think. Just leave it the way it is and flash any of the available 2.** firmwares. And don’t forget to upload 2.79 :wink:

You can find the Paypal link at the top of this page.



OK, file uploaded.

Problem when I tried to flash - binflash tells me the firmware is for a different drive and won’t let me proceed. How can I crossflash?

RE: Paypal, I don’t speak German! Is there an english version?


Just received the firmware. Looks like you actually have a 6450 (compatible) drive. Although they share the same hardware, the new check I added to prevent mixing of master and slave drives doesn’t allow crossflashing here.

I have to think of a different solution for this and adapt Binflash accordingly.


OK. Let me know.


Hey Liggy,

Any progress?


Sorry, but currently I don’t have much time for this. I have a huge project at work at the moment. But at least I already have an idea how this can be solved.


No Problem.




Sorry, I forgot about you. :o
The latest Binflash version should support flashing your drive again.


Right on! Piece of cake. Thanks Liggy. It worked like a charm.

The drive is now recognized as a 6500. Unfortunately it isn’t ripping DVDs any faster, but the +R bitsetting will be great (Haven’t tried it yet). I used your bitsetting 6500 2.24 RPC1. I am assuming that riploc is removed on that firmware, and that the drive is just slow at reading? Or is there still riploc on the drive?

Anyway, it’s great I was able to change from the Olympus. Now I’ll check out what else is available.


It shouldn’t be riplocked anymore. But slimline drives are always much slower rippers. You could however post a transfer rate test from Nero CD Speed.


I hope this was the right test. What do you think?


This was the right test and it seems reading discs with two layers is limited to the speed you reached on this drive. Unfortunately I was not able to find detailed specifications of the 6500, but this seems to be the max. speed of NEC’s slimline drives up to the 6650.


I also bought one NEC 6500A with Olympus S-DVD-100 2.78 firmware half a year ago, and I flashed it into BOTH NEC 6500A 4.24 and 2.24 Bitsetting firmware successfully (I don’t know why both of them are OK). This module is made in China.


Here is my drive’s information. Well, its DVD-Video (Single layer DVD+R) rip speed is able to be reached at 8.0X with this liggy’s 4.24 bitsetting firmware.