Flashing of Asus Cb 5216a failed. What next?

Guys,I made the mistake of upgrading the firmware of asus cb 5216a combo drive.I downloaded the firmware from their site and flashed it under windows xp2 and by some chance the flasher became unresponsive and drive is now dead.It is still under its 1 year warranty period.Will they replace the drive if I send it to them? I need your valuable suggestions.Please post and help a poor guy :frowning:

Is the drive seen by the BIOS?

No man.Its dead. No led no bios detection no tray eject nothing.The asus guys just have windows flashers and there is no way to extract binary or raw firmwares.I am still under warranty period.The drive was purchased just a month ago.If I send it to the service center am I entitled to get replacement?
I am unfamiliar with ASUS guys thats why I am asking help.

You can try to get an replacement drive, but they don’t need to do this because it happened when you have updated… own risk.

Are you sure you have used the correct firmware? Because there are at least 2 similar drives… http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?category=3&manufactor=6

Thanks Chef,

But their firmwares can only be applied on the drives meant for the firmware.I am sure I downloaded the correct firmware.The problem may be with their flasher.If I am lucky I will get a new drive as my drive is only one month old!

Worth a try. Firmware & flashers is just software, can be buggy anytime.

Hi Chef nice of you to reply fast.I have in flashing business since 2000.I am not an expert in assembly language though.I am a mechanical engineering student with a hobby for tweaking things.Shall we be email friends?

i have the very same problem! dude if you have fixed your drive or have exchanged the old drive for a working asus 5216a combo drive then do lemme know! my messed up combo drive is also messing with my PC performance big time! my e-mail id is blue_mime@yahoo.com

i have the same problem too, can someone help us