Flashing oem writer with 2.58 firmware?

I own a Fujitsu-Siemens Notebook with a nec nd6500a dvd wrtier. Firmware is 2.58. Since the writer is an oem product, I cannot use firmware by nec - at least that is stated on the nec website.

I would lile to know whether it is possible to flash the writer with Liggy’s firmware and/or flashbin so I can set the booktype for DVD-R and DVD+R medias.

Or is there another way (e.g. a tool) that provides the bitsetting feature to this dvd writer (with firmware 2.58)?

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booktype for dvd-r is impossible.

sorry, i meant to set the booktype “DVD-ROM” to DVD+R and DVD+RW. Currently it is only possible for DVD+R DL

You should use one of my 2.24 bitsetting firmwares (orig, fast or RPC1) if you want to change the booktype of DVD+R and DVD+RW.

I used the “original” version 2.24 and seems to work!!! I didn’t realize that there is a difference between the “original”, “Fast” and “RPC1” versions. Well, what are the differences and is it possible to change fromm “original” to “Fast”? But anyway I am very happy at the moment and would like to thank you for creating and providing these helpful files!

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use Binflash and flash [B]any suitable[/B] firmware you want to your drive.