Flashing NEC 2500A



hi i brought 2 nec drives 2 weeks ago for my friend and for my dad. the one in my dads computer is fine, he can flash it to different firmware etc. however my friends drive cant be flash as it has a error flashing bout 3% in on progress (in windows). this is with the offical firmware 1.07 which he ha 1.06. his one was made in feb 2004 and my dads was april 2004. i dont think this has anything to do with it tho. my dad has xp running and my friend did have xp but now has 2000 which he still cant flash as far as i have been told by him. he was thinking of flashing it in dos mode. do you think this is a good idea? thanks


Yep, flashing in DOS is generally “safer” and should work just fine.