Flashing ND-6500A as slave device

Hi everyone! I was reading about Liggy’s and Dee’s modified firmwares for my notebook DVD burner, a NEC ND-6500A firmware 2.81 when I came with this question:

My notebook has only one IDE channel, the HD is the master device and the NEC burner is installed as slave and I plan to keep them as they are. Do I have to make any changes using the Reverse ATA firmware package prior to flashing my drive with Liggy’s 2.24 bitsetting firmware?

Thanks in advance!

No. If you currently have a 2.** firmware, just proceed with any other 2.** firmware. Don’t mess with normal or reverse ATA packages. Some notebook manufacturers internally change the IDE configuration so drive configuration and how it is seen in Windows sometimes don’t correspond to each other!

But be sure to backup your old firmware before flashing.

Thanks Liggy for your excellent work and your kind support. I’ve just flashed the drive and everything seems to be working fine!