Flashing ND-2510A

Just bought The Simpsons Hit & Run game and I get an error during install. In ‘readme’ it says I need to back up my drivers! So…

I checked out my drive model (ND-2510a) and followed NEC’s flashing instructions fro ver.2.16 - I want to use the official one as I don’t need it for making it burn faster. When flashing I got the error :

“Target NEC ND-2510A is not found correctly.”

What should I do (& why does it do that??)

I definately have the 2510A

hehe… I doubt your game will run if you flash your drive :slight_smile:

Why not??

Because it has nothing to do with you NEC burner :slight_smile:

When they say “back up your drivers” i think they refer to drivers such as graphics or sound card drivers, perhaps DirectX drivers.
However, if you wish to flash your drive. a firmware flasher is available here Which should allow you to flash your drive with any 2500/2510A firmware you wish.

As you can see, Dee-27 is a teacher and gives good advice to her pupils :wink:

Scropio - The error in the installation btw is where you have to change the disc and it thinks that the ‘wrong volume’ in then in the drive. apparantly this is fixed by updatind cd-rom drivers

when i sed ‘backup’ i ment ‘update’, sorry :oS

You get an error during install and the readme file says backup drivers??

First if you get an error installing/playing the game with an error refering to the disc not readable or something, this means that either the disc is defective, or the crappy copy protection is preventing you from using the disc.

This has absulutely nothing todo with a firmware of your optical devices. (such as your nec) Blame the gaming company you bought it from.

/Edit: Ah update instead of backup makes already a bit more sense… but upgrading cdrom drivers???
THis cannot be done since they are part of the operating system, there are no loose cdrom drivers. The only driver that could possibly be updated are the IDE drivers. These are included by your mainboard chipset drivers. So update those if you wan’t to update something. I however seriously doubt this will do any good. :wink:

How do you know this? Do you have another CD/DVD-ROM reader in your PC? If yes, try it with that drive.

Heh however changing the firmware is not equal to changing the drivers :slight_smile:

SORTED IT!! Wot I did woz copy the contents of DISC 2&3 onto the hard drive in separate folders. I kept DISC 1 in all the time and just changed path during installation! Now I think that’s clever.

Old trick :wink:

W/E lol