Flashing my liteon 32123S

Hello there, can anybody help me???
l flashed my Liteon 32123S with "mtkflash v1.48 and used the XSU1.bin firmware with success.
Can this burner be flashed to a 48x?

please email me at casper71@tpg.com.au

fanks, Shrekka:confused: :a

This is prety well covered in the relevant threads, but the answer is no.

yes l agree, but trying to find the relavant threads to get your infomation is a pain.
Some people just dribble on in them and dont stick to the point about the main question asked in the thread.



That’s what the search button is for. But there is a thread devoted to this topic. Maybe you’ll read an answer to a question that you haven’t though of yet? A problem avoided? I agree, some threads need “cleaning”.
Happy burning. :slight_smile:

never used the search button yet, but l will keep it in mind next time when l have a question…