Flashing my CDRW

I would like to upgrade my firmware to the latest and greatest. I have a Liteon 32123S (32x12x40). I downloaded XSU1.bin and MTKFlash155.

  1. Is 155 the latest version?
  2. Is there a doc file that describes how to use mtkflash?
  3. What does xsu1 change? I would like to increase the 32x12x40 to the max :bigsmile: and get Mt Ranier support.

Any help is appreciated. I have never flashed a CD before, but have flashed my computer’s bios and have played with overclocking my cpu, so am not a total noob.
:cool: Thanks again.

You can take your drive to a 40125S with XSU1. XSU1 should get you Mt. Rainier support. Get MTKFLASH 1.48, and read these 2 threads carefully, if you already haven’t:

LiteOn FAQ & Overclocking Thread


FW Collection & MTKFLASH guide