Flashing LG GCE 8240B...Advise Please

Hi Evry1,

I am on Windows XP.

I have downloaded version 1.07 and 1.08 of the firmware from http://forum.firmware-flash.com for my writer.

What I wanted to know was what is the difference in the 2 versions??? And also how do I go about flashing the drive??? The updates have no instructions on how to do it and both contain a .lge file and an Update .exe file.

The main reason for updating is that I am not sure if my drive will write 90minute CD-R’s at present…Any info here would be most appreciated also…

Finally…Is there anyway of backing up the original version of the firware prior to flashing, incase of a disaster???

:bow: :bow: :bow: Thanx in advance…:bigsmile:


Searches can do wonderful things

I am sure that searches do. I have already read this and many other threads from the site and none mention what the different versions do (1.07 and 1.08), also they do not clearly outline the flashing methods.

I have XP (no DOS) and have flashed my graphics card in the past by creating a bootable floppy and dropping the required files onto the disc and executing them from BIOS at startup. I wondered if this was the same method needed to flash the drives???

I just thought I would get some feedback/help/advise on this site from other users who had successfully updated their firmware and also a few questions answered in the process???

Thanx for your reply dhc014 (;o))))