Flashing in Windows

I went from a 40125S (ZS0N) to a 48125W (VS06) with the hacked LiteOn flashing tool found on CDR Info. What a cool thing. The flash utility worked just like a regular LiteOn flash exe. No DOS, just flash.

Thanks to whoever created those files and I hope there are more created in the future. It really made upgrading simple.

I believe that Porchsong/Rowjimmy (same person) created those.

See here

It was I…


Mr. Moderator now? Moving up in the world eh? Thanks for the props… Regarding other thread, I am still not sure that the window upgrade of drive and the subsequent extraction of .bin from drive via mtkflash yields incorrect .bin files. I have not been able to reproduce. Furthermore, I don’t see how it could happen. You know what the .bin looks like and how it is loaded in the flasher, so I fall back on “a .bin is a .bin is a .bin.”

The ONLY thing I can think of is maybe the flasher version has changed. I still use the v 1.48 version of window flasher. I did notice that the v 1.50 (current version) has one less reference to Liteon in them. Maybe the new loader does things differently.

Give me your thoughts.

yeah, i am still using 1.48 (i think) for the Sony versions. I looked at the newest flasher, but it was different, and I don’t want to risk messing up since I don’t even have a drive to test with. I forget what was different, but It just was… and I didn’t want to mess around. Maybe we could figure it out…

and, oh yeah, Moderator :slight_smile: