Flashing HP CD52ri to Liteon 52327S

I recently purchased an HP CD52ri burner with the following specs:

Manufacture Date: March 2004
Model LTR-52327SHP
HW Rev 02.01
FW Rev QPS2 (Feb 22 20CHJC00)
HP P/N 5092-0692
V/M: LILTR52327S

This drive is clearly an OEM rebadged 52327S. I would like to flash the drive with LiteOn’s most up-to-date firmware but I need to know a few things:

Some revisions of the LiteOn 52327S have an EEPROM while others do not, making this risky. Is there any way, like a utility, to detect and know for sure if this drive has an EEPROM or not?

Once I determine whether this drive has an EERPOM or not, I can use Flashfix.exe and Upx.exe to modify Liteon’s latest firmware (QS0E5A.exe) to trick it into flashing this drive. Flashfix forces me to choose one firmware from the two that are in the Liteon installer: Q5SA and QS0E. QS5A is for drives without an EEPROM, correct?

Thanks for the help.

If anyone’s still looking for this info, I can report I did it with no problems

The CD52ri does NOT have an EEPROM (HW Rev 2 is the non-EEPROM version of the LTR-52327S) so the correct firmware is QS5A. Using flashfix worked fine; I did back up the original firmware first with ltnFW though.