Flashing firmware

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After reading posts on the forums I’ve purchased an external hi-val (I/O magic) HDVD168DLME. This has been reported many times as a Benq1640.
I have read that you must re-flash using the benq firmware.

Now how does one go about doing this?

I’ve looked over the river and through the woods but cannot seem to find any specific tutorial about the actual proceedure.

All that write about flashing f/w just say that they did it, nobody ever says how.

If you try to flash with the wrong firmware do you end up with junk?
How can you tell what f/w your burner has to begin with?

I’m brand new to this stuff… so be kind. :bow:


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“Reflashing” the drive is not necessary for proper function.
Some like to crossflash this drive with BenQ external firmware, but this might void your warranty.

Do a search for HDVD168DLME and you’ll get quite many ideas how to proceed.

BTW, what is your current firmware?

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As pinto2 said, please verify what is your current firmware to make sure it’s a BenQ rebadge. You can use Nero CD-DVD Speed (click here or here) or Quikee’s WOPC Tools (click here) to check the firmware. It is the last four digits on the drive/device info. Some reported it has GSHB or GSLB firmware. What’s yours?

If it is a BenQ rebadge then you can crossflash your HiVal to BenQ but I would first ask HiVal customer support about updating the firmware. I read that someone asked HiVal support and was directed to the BenQ DW1640/EW164B firmware page. Also ask them regarding the warranty if it’s going to void your warranty or not.

If you are certain it’s a BenQ, here is how to crossflash:

  • Connect your drive to your computer.
  • Download BenQ EW164B latest firmware BEGB from here. Unzip BEGB.EXE and save it in your harddrive.
  • Use BQFlasher, click Open Firmware and select BEGB.EXE and Flash.

Let us know how it goes.

Hey thanks for replying’
here is the info from nero…

Drive : ATAPI DVD DD 8X16X8X16
Type : DVD±R/RW DL Recorder
Firmware Version : GSLB
Buffer Size : 2 MB
Date : ?
Serial Number : REMOVED
Vendor Specific : REMOVED

does this help?


This is an Benq 1640 OEM firmware, so you can proceed ad described in the post above by zevia. Also edit your post to remove the serial numbers.

done deal … thanks
why no s/n# ?

just curious


What is the benefit (if any) in flashing the drive’s firmware?

Will the drive perform faster/better?

Can the drive be flashed wrong?

Can flashing turn the drive into a paper weight?

If flashed wrong can the process be reversed?

Thanks for answers to rookie questions.


firmware usually improve performance and quality. but the most drives perform different, an older firmware can sometimes be better.
you can mess up the flashing process if your computer freezes or get out of power. i never heard of this happen. if the flash fails, the drive gets useless. but there’s a chance to recover the drive with DOS apps.
you can’t undo the flash process, but you can reflash the drive as long it’s recognised in windows or dos mode.