Flashing firmware, how long does it take?



Was going to flash firmware on new 1633s, downloaded BSOR, attempting to flash by instructions, nothing happens. How long is it supposed to take? I backed out of the program and previous firmware (BSOK) appears OK. Also should my I unplug my Lite-on cd burner while attempting this? If this is the wrong location for this question, I apologize in advance. Feel free to move this thread. I have searched other threads and see no mention of others having this delay.


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Flashing usually takes about a minute. Which type of flasher did you use (official/codeguys/.bin file) ? How is your drive connected (ide/usb/firewire) ? You might have an aspi problem, attach the text output of nero infotool.
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I was using the official download of BSOR. My connection is IDE. I will have to read up on use of Nero Infotool. Once the zip is opened and a box with icon UW Flash is in it, nothing seems to happen. It’s as if I’m supposed to click on something else to make it start, but it’s not evident what that is. I have flashed other devices, just not an optical drive. I will try to do better in reading the posting guidelines in the future.


Unpack the zip file and double click the BS0R.exe file.


I believe that is what I did to get the UW Flash box. Since BSOK seems to be working OK for my present media, maybe I should forget about updating the firmware until I have a problem. Thanks for your help, but I hate to fix something that’s not broken.


I will try to attach infotool text.