Flashing firmware doesn't change drive name?

I have an odd problem. My BenQ 1640 drive was originally flashed with BSHB. Then I tried the BSLB firmware and used that for a while. When I heard about the Ultra DMA4 firmware, I flashed with the drive with EW164B (using Quikee’s BQ Flasher) and used that for a while. When BSMB was released, I decided to to try it and flashed it using BQ Flasher. I didn’t care for it so I went back to the EW164B firmware.

Then I started having some problems with DL media burning, so I wanted to try BSMB again. So I flashed it back with BQ Flasher. But it doesn’t change the drive name. I’ve tried flashing with BQ Flasher as well as WinDWFlash with CVT files, but the drive name remains BENQ DD DVD EW164B, no matter what firmware I flash it to.

Attached is a screenshot of what BQ Flasher reports after I used a BSHB CVT to flash the drive to.

Any ideas why this may be?

Try a newer cvt FW. I always use BSLB cvt. and have no problems at all.

Know where I can get a BSLB CVT file?

Hi :slight_smile:
Try here.

or here


Thanks, I tried that link before (found it in a different thread) but it wasn’t working.

Worked this time though.

And the BSLB CVT file did it. The name is changed now.

Thanks for your help!

Hi :slight_smile:
That’s OK. Let us know how you get on with your DL media now.

I just tried one with BSLB and same thing. I get really bad scans of the media with the BenQ drive. If I scan it with my Lite-On drive, it looks great.

I’m going to RMA the drive through NewEgg. Hopefully a replacement will fix the problem.