Flashing firmware changes DVD region?

I flashed my 3520 with L&D’s v1.UD a few days ago. Before I flashed it, going into Windows Device Manager and then looking at the ND3520’s properties, it showed that I still had 5 region changes remaining. Now when I check (after flashing the firmware), it says I only have one change remaining. I’ve never changed my region and I still have it at region 1 (I’m in the USA). Anyone know what happened?

The Windows Device Manager will never tell you that your drive is region free, and will continue to report a region and number of changes remaining even though that information is not applicable.

If you want to get an accurate report, try downloading Nero Infotool and checking the drive’s Region Control method.

RPC I = Region Free
RPC II = Not Region Free

If it says RPC I, then you have completed 1 out of 3 steps necessary to watch movies from all regions. You also have to defeat the region control in the OS and the DVD Playing software.

I’m not talking about my ND3520 being region free. I just want to know why flashing my firmware with L&D’s v1.UD for the 3520 caused my number of region changes to go from five remaining to one remaining.

Oh yeah, now I see what you mean. Sorry for the confusion.

In general, when a drive is region free, the windows device mananger will list it as having 1 change left, even if you never changed the region.

Since the L&D firmware makes the drive region-free, your device manager will show as having only 1 change remaining.

This is 100% normal and there is nothing to be worried about.

This is because Liggy & Dee’s firmware is REGION FREE, that is, NO region changes necessary!


Ah thanks.