Flashing Drives 1008 to 1016?

Hi there Justr wondering if it is at all possible to flash the DVDRW IDE1008 with the new DRW1016IM/DRW1016IB firmware. Is it possible to turn my single layer burning drive into a dual layer burner???

Thanks for any help

i don´t think that this is possible, maybe the 1108 but i also think that this is not working.


I also had this wild ambition, until after emailing one of the US distrbs. of the 1008im.

I asked if there were a current, or forthcoming, firmware capable of that, and was told there is a hardware limitation, not just firmware.

Would’ve been nice though. :bigsmile:

They always say it’s a hardware limitation, as they want you to buy a new drive. However, in this case, it’s probably true. I doubt the 1008 can be flashed to anything faster.

Thanks for all your help. Looks like if I want a faster, better drive I will just have to buy one.(dam) Oh well the BTC drive is serving me well at the moment. DVD shrink is a great tool to use with it and I am happy with the results so far.

Once again, thanks for the responses, I will certainly be posting on this forum again in the future.

As I know, DRW1004IM and DRW1008IM almost the same. And just using different type of OPU of the same maker. But DRW1108IM and DRW1016IM using the different OPU of differ maker with DRW1004/1008. So, it’s very dangerous to using DRW1108IM or DRW1016IM firmware on DRW1004 or DRW1008 series.

but what about 1108fw on 1016??

You mean using 1108IM F/W on 1016 ?? I don’t think it useful. The chip is not the same and also the OPU model.

me thougt the same, just wanted a second opinion.


Um…what’s an OPU?

Optical Unit

So there IS a hardware difference, or can that unit handle dual layer, and BTC doesn’t want to write a 1008 fw that could do it?

BTC = cheap drive = cheap design = cheap $, which was why I bought it.