Flashing between 2.C8 SE and 2.17/2.27

Just wondering if you guys can answer a question for me. I had Herrie’s 2.17 fw on my 3500, and then just a couple days ago i switched to 2.C8 SE. And all in all, the new burns were pretty good but my burns with the 2.17 fw were a little better, so i decided i wanted to change back.

When i try to run the 2.17 Windows flasher, it says “the NEC 3500 target device could not be found.” If i could find the 2.17 BIN, could i flash it with the NECWinFlash v0.95 flasher that is bundled with the 2.C8 fw? What about the 2.27 BIN?

note- my 3500 is installed in an external USB2.0 case

Thanks for any input you guys can give me :bow:

it’s down near the bottom of the page DOS 2.17 beta http://tdb.rpc1.org/

Do i have to do the conversion in real DOS, or can i just flash the BIN file with the NECWinFlash v0.95 flasher?

use binfash with the .bin file

it should work…on USB…you used it B 4 right?

Yea, i’ve flashed twice previously with no issues…

k…up to you

Thanks for your help, Rolling56. So, binflash is NECWinFlash v0.95, right?

And i can use binflash with any NEC 3500 fw if i have the BIN file?

Thanks again

yes and yes…i know people have had a few issues with flashing USB but you haven’t seemed to. Liggy just changed the name to Binflash. Same thing. Some f/w’s require you to flash from a certain one so you might have to go from 2.16 to 2.17 i don’t know…i have a 2510 and haven’t read that much about 3500’s hope that helps you

Thank you very much. Thats the only thing i wasn’t really sure about.

Thanks again for all your help :bow:

But you should always update to the latest version. At the moment it’s 1.02


If i would like the same flasher as the v.95, just updated, should i get the Win32 or the Win32GUI version?


It depends on what kind of software you prefer. I like working on the commandline, but most people prefer a graphical user interface (GUI). So you have to decide for yourself. The commands I send to the drive don’t differ between both versions.

Thanks Liggy, the previous v.95 i was using was GUI, so i downloaded that one.