Flashing back to original formware?

I need to return my drive, 90% of the media I try in it I just will not read correctly(CRC errors). I’ve updated the firmware to the hacked version to see if this improved matters, but sadly not.

How exactly do I flash back to the original firmware?

Find a .BIN file of the firmware you want to flash back to.
Boot to DOS and flash back using The Dangerous Brothers flash utiltiy.

I’ve downloaded both of those. I reboot XP, and choose “safe mode w/command prompt”.

I then run “NEC2X00A.EXE” but it gives me an “error: specify drive”

where exactly do I specify the drive? could someone please give me a dummies guide to doing this?

I’m running XP with NTFS file system



no not safe mode.

You’ll need to put the files on a FAT32 partition or include them on a floppy disk. There are also some apps out there that will allow you to load NTFS support in DOS.
Search around…