Flashing and burning speed



Hi guys:
I have a Sony model #DW-U18A 8x single-layer DVD burner, and I just did the flashing/conversion found in this page:

Everything went smoothly, so no complaint there.

I had an old PC, and the burner was working fine, burning at high speed (8x). I recently switch to a newer PC, and from day 1 the burner could only burn at 2.4x. The USB is 2.0, and with the firmware update, I thought I was going to correct the problem; it just remain the same.
Since Im a newbie in all of this, I wonder why cant I burn my dvd-r’s at more than 2.4x ?? :confused:

thx in advance.


Given that your 832 worked on the old computer and not the new, the problem cannot be in the drive. Since it is USB, I would look in the BIOS settings to make sure you are getting USB2. Also see if you can check it out in a third computer to see how it is there.

Last, what media are you using.


How do I check in the BIOS? (newbie here)

when I click Properties, any other external drive shows “Location: Location 0(USB2.0 Storage Device)” for example.
The external burner shows “Location: Location 0(USB TO IDE)”
Maybe this has something to do with it.


Please don’t crosspost! The other Thread you started is sufficient. :iagree:


sorry for that.
but as you can see, I received different approaches


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