Flashing and burning speed



Hi guys:
I have a Sony model #DW-U18A 8x single-layer DVD burner, and I just did the flashing/conversion found in this page:

Everything went smoothly, so no complaint there.

I had an old PC, and the burner was working fine, burning at high speed (8x). I recently switch to a newer PC, and from day 1 the burner could only burn at 2.4x. The USB is 2.0, and with the firmware update, I thought I was going to correct the problem; it just remain the same.
Since Im a newbie in all of this, I wonder why cant I burn my dvd-r’s at more than 2.4x ?? :confused:

thx in advance.


Hi :slight_smile:

This is the signature that the drive is not set to DMA access.
Go to Windows’ device manager, IDE controllers, whatever IDE channel you connected the drive to, properties, select “DMA if available” and reboot.

Report if this solves the problem. If it doesn’t, there are other things to try :slight_smile:


it has always been in the “DMA if available” option.
what other things can I try?
thx for the help.


“The USB is 2.0” - just seen this :o
Is it an external USB drive then?




Then sorry, it’s out of my range :o - I’m at ease with IDE drives issues, but external drives ones are like chinese to me :doh:
Good luck :slight_smile:


when I click Properties, any other external drive shows “Location: Location 0(USB2.0 Storage Device)” for example.
The external burner shows “Location: Location 0(USB TO IDE)”
Maybe this has something to do with it.


Something weird is certainly going on. At this point you have to check out everything possible as it appears as though you drive is only being recognized as USB1.1 rather than USB2, but only on the second computer. I would check cables, jumpers, go into BIOS, hold down F2 as it boots and look at the settings for the USB and make sure it is set to Hi-Speed. See what information you get from the system properties/device manager and maybe a USB expert will be able to figure out what is wrong. Also, what media code and what firmware version?