Flashing an external BenQ 1621 to 47P9

My external BenQ 1621 USB came with 47N9 and I was wondering how to flash an external drive and what the benefits would be. If the drive is external then UDMA is not an option? I have heard that 47N9 uses UDMA 3, but I think that is only internal, I could be wrong. Is there anything I should know before I flash this external drive, is it just like flashing an internal, do use the same steps? If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. I have never flashed an external drive before.

I have flashed a ton of diferent drives with USB and it works the same as with internal. I have tried the BenQ external firmware and I found that the burns were real crap. The point of 47N9 is speed and I guess it will let you do 16X, but at a great cost.

I would suggest crossflashing to a current regular firmware and foregoing the speeds above 8X. I seem to remember there is a little work to go through to get to the regular firmware, and I am sure someone will step in with the process. I think you need a cvt firmware from here:


Your external drive uses an ATAPI->USB converter. UDMA3 will increase the data transfer rate to this converter.

Thankyou Ala42 and Chas0039, but if I understand correctly by changing from 47N9 to 47P9 I should get an increased burning speed or ripping speed with the UDMA 3 tranfer mode. Is this correct.

No. 47N9 and 47P9 both use UDMA3, which increases the transfer rate compared to the usual 1620 firmwares.

Thanks Ala42, you saved me a big headache. I will stick with 47N9 then because I am getting a burst rate of 22 mbs and a full 16x burn. I burn a full 4.3 gig in 5min 35 sec. with a QS of over 90. I have to scan the disc on my BenQ1640 since the external 1621 will not scan PIFs. I am still wondering what the upside to 47P9 is? I heard it will work with QSuite 2.1 but Quikees Tool is just as good.

With 47P9 it would scan PIF …

I am learning more every minute. I will try the flash, I can always flash back if it doesn’t perform as well as 47N9. Thankyou again for your time and knowledge.

47P9 performs very well, give it a try. Good luck alan.

Glad to see 47P9 does well with +R. 47N9 was not good with TY -R, but then a lot of 1620s have trouble with TYG02 so maybe I shouldn’t blame the firmware.

I have an internal 1620 on the shelf in my closet beccause it will not even recognize TYG-02 half way thru the burn. I like having the external 1621 becuase it gives mr a choice of 3 drives now, 2 internal and 1 external. I have a BenQ 1640 and an LG 4163 internal.