Flashing a toshiba dvdrom?

Is there a utility to flash a toshiba dvdrom with, like mtkflash? If not how do I flash it?

There is nothing like mtkflash for any drives. There are flash programs for Toshiba drives, but there are different versions and variations. They are usually named Vup* or V*teg, etc…

Toshiba DVD-ROM Firmwares

Has anyone tried the firmware for Toshiba 1712 ?
Does it actually offer any improvements to the drive ?

Lots of people have tried it. Look at some posts on the firmware forum like this one.

I just checked my Toshiba 1712 with NeroInfoTool and it says that it can’t read DVD+R and DVD+RW :confused:
I haven’t used any firmware and my drive come from the factory with 1004 firmware version.

I thought it was supposed to read DVD+R and DVD+RW discs.