Flashing a Sony 810UL to a BenQ

I just ordered a Sony 810UL external, based on some posts here that it can be cross flashed to the BenQ 164B (external version of the 1640). Which firmware ver. from BenQ would work?

Any info (or cautions) would be appreciated!

PS: I wasn’t sure which forum to post this to, Sony or BenQ, but I figured the BenQ experts might be a bit more knowledgeable :slight_smile:

Get the BEGB firmware for the external version of your drive 164B off the benq website and flash using BQFlasher.

works great. Make sure you flash in usb mode. it’s less prone to errors according to benq.

Call me a lamer, but I went to the BenQ website, and I can’t find a firmware upgrade for the 164B. Through Google, I only found a firmware for 1640B. A link would be greatly appreciated.


Hi :slight_smile:
Have you looked here.Click on link for official, then EW164B. If you want rpc1 patched click on that link.

Firmwares can be found here: Post new BenQ / Philips firmware ANNOUNCEMENTS here

Any info (or cautions) would be appreciated!

Crossflashing will void your warranty.
That’s the only caution I would suggest. Other than that, it’s pretty safe.

Very comprehensive! One question remains: the previous poster suggested I flash with BEGB and BQFlasher – I found both of them. However the link to your CDFreaks posts indicates BSOB. Is this just an example of how to flash or another firmware option? Or is this the preferred firmware for the Sony DRX-810UL cum BenQ 1640 cum 164B? My head is spinning… :confused:

Hi :slight_smile:
1st. BSDB is just an example.(Although a favourite of mine for internal use).
2nd. For your purposes either BEFB or BEGB. These f/w are intended for use with external drives.

Thanks again for your kind assistance. This cross-flashing business is new to me, and I want to be prepared when my 810UL gets here – any day now. In the meantime, I’ll do a forum search for both BEFB & BEGB to see what the differences are. All I really want is a well-functioning external “BenQ 1640” – the mod flashes may be a bit scary for now :slight_smile: