Flashing a Sony 810A to a BenQ 1640

Hello all,

I would first like to say that I am relatively new at the entire DVD Burner scene and have been learning a lot about them within very short amounts of time. I already have bought my very first burner… the Sony 810A. I would have bought the BenQ 1640, but I could not find it in local retail stores, so I settled down with Sony 810A knowing that it is still a drive just like BenQ 1640, except that it doesnt have the speed thingy and the Solid Burn feature.

But now I am reading and looking up on ?crossflashing? the Sony 810A to become a BenQ 1640.

I want to do this, and want all the exact steps and exact tools I need to use.

I am also somewhat afraid of breaking my DVD Burner.

Will someone please post on how to do this, and also answer a couple questions? Please be very exact and very precise… I know this may have been asked before, but I want exact and specific directions which I have yet to find.

Has this been done before successfully?

Is there a chance of having my burner break? If so, what chance would I be taking?

With this crossflash thing… will it make my burner EXACTLY like the BenQ 1640? (Besides the names on it / way it is decorated on the outside)

I really really do not want to get myself into a predicament where I will be taking some kind of chances and have the possibility of a permanently damaged driver. The main reason I am doing this is because of SolidBurn… I want very reliable burns and the highest quality on them… I am using good media (Verbatims) and have a good burner… i want to burn them in the best way and I believe SolidBurn writes my media in the best quality (right?).

********If you are giving me directions, please make sure that you are including everything I need to have my Benq 1640 (after the flash) updated with the latest and greatest firmware/software/etc.


you should post this in the benq forum.

Hi :slight_smile:
Take a look here.
See if wendling00 posts any success on crossflashing the 810.

I don’t agree. This is the Liteon/Sony forum. Do Plextor 740 owners post in the Benq forum? No they don’t. As long as this stays the Liteon/Sony forum I am happy for Sony 810A owners to post here. :wink:

Loot Walmart, further to zebadee’s post, the one thing you must consider at the moment is that there is currently no return trip from the BenQ crossflash, as Sony has not yet released any firmware for the Sony 810A and we don’t yet know whether a Sony flasher will be in the same package as the BenQ, so the firmware may not be easily removeable from the flasher and the flasher will of course refuse to work if the drive reports itself as being a BenQ.

Hi :slight_smile:
:iagree: :clap:
Was going to add this myself especially as Loot Walmart is new & more importantly technically correct. We don’t want him to think badly of us here.
Also on reflection I should have stressed point about no way back to 810 at present. Although it’s mentioned in referred thread it’s not as clear as it could be. That’s why I suggested seeing if wendling00 takes the plunge & looking for his posts regarding any results.

i thought that the people over at benq forum have more knowledge as the liteon users here. flashing benq’s isn’t as easy as flashing a liteon.

Why would anyone want to flash it to a Benq? I dont understand… y dont juz leave it be?
Benq firmware is better?
For me, I’ll just wait a new sony firmware, n hope someone makes it regionfree :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone think it is worth it to flash it to Benq 1640? Does the SolidBurn technology make burns significantly better? I dont care about the overspeed, i just really want the best burns possible.

Also, what are the chances of this BQFlasher causing permanent damage to my burner? There are lots of warnings on it.

Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly I don’t believe that Quikee’s BQFlasher will recognise the Sony 810. You’d need winflash + .cvt file. Secondly I’ve not seen anyone report any failures using BQFlasher. However Quikee is right to say in effect the resposibility when using any such tool lies with you & to proceed only when sure thats what you want to do. Even then to proceed with caution. As to whether there are any benefits to crossflashing to 1640, only you can decide. If your not satisfied with the results you get from the 810, you can crossflash or wait for f/w updates from Sony.
At present if you crossflash to 1640 you can not only try out BenQ’s f/w, but add Philips & Plextor’s as well. You can’t & may not ever return to an 810.

Hi :slight_smile:
Above post should read WinDWFlash not winflash. :doh:
Too late to edit. :sad:
Thanks to pinto for bringing this to my attention. :clap:
I trust this hasn’t left anyone searching for something that probably doesn’t exist. :o

Oh, ok… sounds like a big decision then… Ill keep it the way it is until Sony comes out with some firmware for it so I could reverse the change just in case.

It just seemed like a popular thing that many 810 owners are doing so I wanted to know more about it.

Hi :slight_smile:
If your getting good results, which reviews imply you should. Then there’s probably little to gain. Even if you believe the writer could do better, you can always try different media first.