Flashing a NU DDW-082 burner

Ok , I have searched this forum for instutions on how to flash my Nu -DDW-082 burner and must be lame or someting but i cant fined any help. I have Ver b370 firmware at present and have not had any problems yet but noticed a new ver b373 is now available. I am not sure if I need to upgrade just yet but would like to atleast know how to go about it in the future. I downloaded the files from the manufactures websit but they give no help in explaining the process either.
I have read several post on this drive all talking about this subject but none that are of any help to a novice like me. I do not want to destroy my drive by improperly flashing it. Please do not chastise me for not searching this better as there seams to be a little attitude by some about newbies not doing there homework or being to lazy to dig for the answers. I just want a simple answer on how to properly flash this drive or where to find the answer.
Thanks, Dave

umm…i think the reason that you’ve been shown alot of “oh, newbie” attitude is because you’re working too hard: all you need to do is double-click the EXE file.


Not properly tested yet, but I bought a DDW-082 w/B370. I have a P4 VIA P4PB ultra mobo(looking to replace it). When I flashed it the 082 was the only CD drive connected(secondary master,cs[computer select] but jumpered to “master” if I had to do it again), also a sony 3.5 floppy and a memory card/stick drive and a Maxtor 120G 7200rpm.

I downloaded a zipped file. I unzipped the file by right clicking on it and chose the proper utility. After double-clicking the B373 flash ran itself, a lot like loading a device driver. Quick and easy.

Everybody recommends closing all running programs and shutting off virus programs and turning off your internet firewall which should also be done with any other update(and don’t touch anything wihle it’s running). I read a post that recommended using windows 98 because xp could be a problem. - I am using xp pro + had no problem.

I reloaded windows a few days later(forgot to turn-on firewall) and the drive caused me some problems reading files on the first attempt, but worked on the second. Have had little problems since. Have played DVDs but not yet burned. My P4PB seems unhappy running 2 CD drives but does it.

If they are like me, other people will read this post.

Good luck.

Please help me!
I’ve bought a NU-DDW 081 and down load all of its firmware:
B360 DUal
B370 Dual
According to CDfreaks, if u r want to flash to B360 Dual, u have to flash BX30pro first.
I folow the tips and my comp inform a new DDW - 082 bunner and I can burn DVD-R disk.
After that, I try to flash to B364, B370 or B373 but all of them let my driver back to DDW - 081 and can not work with DVD-R

Please help me!!!
Tks so much

Try flashing it back to the factory default (BX03) then up to B373.

have you tried BX32, Tenchu ?

Flash to BX32:

Then to B373:

tks ryback, I had tried BX32 then B373 but :frowning:
tk u anyway

May be you have a bad serie for upgrade.

I can’t help you more.

My brain limit is here.

I too have been having a problem updating my ddw-082. It has firmware b370 and I cant update to 373 or 375. When I try, I get a “your device does not match this firmware” message

I had exactly the same problem too with a DDW-082 with B370 (trying to flash to B373) - I contacted Nu Tech European tech. support; their suggestion was to try going back to earlier F/W B364 and then forward to B373. This did not work either; the flash utility issued a terse error message and exited.

I RMA’d the drive to my supplier (Ebuyer (UK)) for a replacement; this was from the same batch (same date of manufacture, very similar serial number, same B370 F/W) as the faulty one; the replacement accepted the upgrade to B373 (and then to B375) without any problems.